masonry heaters and ovens

Masonry heaters and stoves provide clean supplemental heat and are the most cost-effective, healthy means to maintain even temperature without costly and inefficient oil, gas or electric furnaces and heaters. They have long been the favorite heat source in Europe. The massive masonry stores heat and then conditions an interior through slow radiation rather than dry, dusty convection. Buildings constructed with SIPs and that use passive solar techniques and masonry heaters greatly lower, even eliminate, heating costs.

William Davenport ( photo)

The Masonry Heater Association ( is dedicated to the revival of efficient, ecologically sound, technologically safe, traditional heaters, stoves and ovens (e.g., Grundöfen, Kakelugn, Russian stove, llar, fogón, Kakelöfenl). MHA provides or links to many informational sources, including announcements for hands-on heater, stove and oven construction courses around the world, a bookstore, photo essays on construction, parts and materials suppliers, and services provided by MHA members.

Norbert Senf ( photo)